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Blowing in the wind

We had plans to take the bus into town yesterday but in the end we spent the day on the boat for a few reasons. One reason was that it was a public holiday and most things seemed closed. Second was that we were getting strong gusts out of the west causing all the boats […]

Party Time

Before the morning SSB net was over John and I headed ashore. I had a date with our agent, Laurent, as he had received a letter containing my bank card. Our old one had expired and we really needed this one. Once we had this we headed off to the Carrefour to pick up some […]

Woke up this morning …

… with a smile. Then Helen made toast and coffee. The sky is blue, the moon was setting over Moorea, waves crashing over the reef in the distance. The humidity is down on yesterday. Happy Birthday to me.

Au Revoir Whiskers

Shortly before we left for Tahiti, Gerald and Dianne popped round for our last Au Revoir for some time. They’re aiming to reach Australia by end of November. We’re waiting here for the next three weeks for John to leave and Ben to arrive. This will put us too far behind them to have any […]

Just relaxing

Another day with not a great deal going on.

Early on we were visited by customs who boarded us to check our bonded wine was still in place. Of the two guys who boarded us in Fatu Hiva it was the nicer one who again came aboard. Turned out he lives here in Cook […]