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Palmerston -> Beveridge Reef – 1st day

As forecast the winds were very light throughout the day and into the evening. We struggled to make 3 knots. But we knew this would be the case so we weren’t worried. The seas were calm so we didn’t suffer from the sail flogging in the light winds. We were therefore able to put some […]

Au Revoir Palmerston

We have now left Palmerston. We spent the remainder of Sunday aboard just relaxing and doing a little boat prep. We finished off Lord of the Rings in the evening.

The weather picture still remains complex but I’ve decided we’re better of going and figuring it all out as we go. We are bound for […]

Bosun Birds

Ed came and picked us up around 1:30pm and was happy to take the fish we’d caught in the morning. After us he picked up Taffy, Shirley and Colin from The Road and we all went to the village ashore. The previous days catch of birds were penned up in a net surrounding. At 2pm […]

Life in Palmerston

We’ve had a busy couple of days here on Palmerston.

On Thursday we were taken ashore mid morning. We were ferried in, again, by our host Edward. This time he picked up Ken and Laurie from Trim moored next to us. We had a brief chat with them before Helen, Ben and I went to […]


We’re having too much. Getting behind on my blog. Will catch up soon.