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Thinking is now ramping up for our passage to New Zealand and boat projects once we arrive.

I am now listening to the Rag of the Air net each morning. Yesterday I announced Dignity to the net and let them know we’d be joining their role call soon once we start heading south to New […]

A great day

It would be really nice to say that we started our day with a lobster breakfast having done a quick trade with some locals. It really would. So I will.

Just as we were preparing breakfast Ben called out to say we had some visitors. I quickly made myself decent and went to see who […]


Helen had not slept well the last night at Nomuka iti. The winds remained strong and despite two reefs to the windward side of us some swell was still getting through. She felt unsafe and couldn’t relax. She was therefore very keen, despite the continued strong winds, to move on. And that we did.

We […]

A walk on the beach

The day ended up being a sunny one although the wind kept up it’s 20+ knot fervour. Around 9:30 we headed into the beach along a channel through the coral off our starboard beam. We dragged the dinghy up the beach and tied it to a tree not remembering well the time we lost it. […]


With the weather still not looking terrific there was no desire aboard to stay at O’ua so we set our sights for Nomuku-iti. The sail there was somewhat brisk with the wind varying between mid 20s and low 30s. The latter half of the trip we had so sail close hauled (into wind) including crossing […]