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Around 8am I took the dinghy ashore to visit Catermarine to pick up our long awaited for charger. I learned that a second package had also arrived which turned out to be two replacement rudder pins provided free of charge from Lagoon. Unfortunately, as my new design has enlarged the bore on the flanges, these […]

Whangarei – first visit

We had a good Sunday evening as we had curry with company. This time it was Steve from Curious along with his climbing companion, Terrier (sic). They had planned a helicopter drop off in the South Island but had to abandon this due to an infection Steve picked up before he sailed down from Fiji […]

Kerikeri (Day of Pies)

Saturday brought our first day trip in the car. Using the free New Zealand road maps on my old Garmin 276C we keyed in a route to Kerikeri. We detoured early on to visit a hardware store where I hoped (and succeeded) to get a shaft extension for my drill so I could complete the […]

Thanksgiving & Car

Thursday evening we had our Thanksgiving meal in good company with many of our friends. Turkey is pretty expensive here in New Zealand so it was good to have a great meal at a pretty good price. Although it couldn’t really be heard above the noise Ben played a little piano prompted by the bribe […]

All work and no play (well not much)

The main project for Wednesday was to fix the steering gear. This required three walks to the other end of the boat yard to check on the parts, collect them, and then to go back to have a little taken off each of the pins and to have an extra sleeve made up for the […]