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Happy New Year

Our New Year’s Eve began with a walk to Pier 21 where the Kamaya’s are moored. It was good to catch up with Ruth and Tim. As a bonus, Evi from Wonderland was staying aboard too. We then walked to the Ponsonby area where we met up with Richard and Krista from Lileth who we’ve […]

Maritime Museum, Mount Eden

First order of the day was to report the loss of Sam’s passport to the UK agencies here in NZ. This turned out to be less than simple. The UK consulate is just up the street. I called them but received no answer. Sam and I visited after they should have opened but the lifts […]

Off to Auckland (and again)

Around 8am I roused the troops to clear the boat out. We’d packed most things into the car the previous night so it was just a few more things that had to go. The boys and I took the last few things to the car as well as taking out the last of the trash. […]

Last Bash in Whangarei

Last of the camping gear is purchased and most is stuffed in the car. And boy is that car packed. It’s ideal for the two of us. We always knew it would be a squeeze for four but we hadn’t anticipated going camping with four. The boys will be sitting in the back with quite […]

Camping Gear

Knowing that there would be sales after Christmas we had postponed purchasing needed camping gear until yesterday. It’s a good thing too as it’s given us time to contemplate the balance of time we expect to spend (when we’re on our own again) between camping and more robust accommodation. We feel that we’ll be spending […]