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2nd Thursday on the hard

As I think back on yesterday I can’t figure out what order things happened in so again I’ll just list the events in semi random order.

We had a couple of visits from outside contractors. The stainless steel guys came by to measure up the bowsprit for the anchor protector. While they were with us […]

Wednesday on the hard

First job of the day was to move the anchor. It has been sitting on the ground since it was lowered to remove the anchor roller a few days ago. I removed the shackle and carried the anchor away to a safe spot then man handled the chain back onto the boat. This cleared the […]

Tuesday on the hard

More items struck off the list (in some cases partially) on Tuesday. Again, in no particular order, mainly as I can’t remember …

I removed the gooseneck from between the boom and mast in preparation for a visit from local engineers today (Wednesday). There is some wear around where the pin ran through the gooseneck […]

Monday on the hard

With good weather we managed to make good progress on Monday against our task list. In no particular order, here is what we got up to.

Helen spent a good part of the day applying anti-rust paste to the various stains around the boat. While this has been largely successful she has now put the […]

Busy Sunday

For most of the day the weather was variable, sometimes raining and sometimes not. We made a list of things to do including outside and inside tasks and alternated as the opportunity to work outside arose.

On the inside I finally sorted out my boxes of cables, plugs and other assorted electrical finding a few […]