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A Very British Day

British in three ways.

1) The weather was lousy.

2) I did my UK taxes. The observant ones amongst you may wonder why considering that I only recently did them. But last time I was late. And I was fined for being late. We’re sitting here in this miserable weather. Do I want to do […]

Going Nowhere

The title sums it up. We went nowhere and are going nowhere for some time. Here is the latest marine forecast for the Bay of Islands area from this morning

Forecast : Gale warning. Friday: Southeast 35 knots gusting 45 knots, easing to 25 knots gusting 35 knots this morning and to 20 knots gusting […]

Pahia and Back

The weather looked great so we decided to stretch our legs and go for a walk. We hiked the ridge trail to Pahia and took the coastal trail back to Opua. While in Pahia we looked around a few shops and tucked into some fish and chips. All in all we were out and about […]

A Day in the Bay

With bad weather threatened in the afternoon we went ashore in the morning to get a few things done. On the way out we dropped by Emily Grace to say hello. He’d been reading our blog and had a spare irrigation syringe for us and our efforts against the leak. Ashore we dropped off some […]

Nasty, rainy day

The local forecast for the day didn’t look good and worsening throughout the day. Wanting to be near Opua on Tuesday and desiring the increased shelter the area offer we set off before breakfast. We only hoisted the head sail but sailed fine on it alone arriving and anchoring just before the heavens opened. That […]