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Fork and Company

The evening of my birthday saw a fork go overboard. Our usual trick is to tie a line to a bag of weights and on the other end of the line tie a buoy. This is all dropped overboard as soon after loosing the utensil as possible so a morning recovery is possible. Once it […]


I enjoyed my birthday – mostly due to it’s simplicity. The strong winds calmed down and it was mostly blue skies. Better still, the remaining south westerly winds were cool and dry. After brunch we went off exploring in the dinghy. I hadn’t mentioned before but there are a lot of bats around here in […]

When the Wind Blows

We were expecting wind and we sure got it. Our plan was (and remained) to be tucked in this small gap between the islands anchored in shallow water over sand. The area we were in was quite tight so we figured we’d be protected from the wind when it came. For most of the morning […]

Bay of Islands

The weather continued to be grim throughout the morning so we waited until 10 before raising the anchor. It was still drizzling as we left Daliconi but despite the grey clouds, we could now see the patches of reef that we needed to avoid. We motored for about an hour before reaching the area known […]

The word spreads – breaking even

In the morning I took a look at the phone charger I’d been left the previous day. It had a couple of screws in it with triangular shaped holes which I’d never seen before. I needed to make a tool to open it as I had nothing that would fit. Once opened I could see […]