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(Not So) Grand Melanesian Hotel

We’re here at the Grand Melanesian Hotel which would be better called the Functional Melanesian Hotel. No complaints. It’s good for what we paid.

We’ve had a good day. It was great having David and Marion along from Kilkea for the drive from Suva. We ended up in Port Denaru where they are berthed. Couldn’t […]

A Wild Night in Suva

We had our morning trip to town. I did pick up some clothes, though less than I had intended. We did pick up some local craft for gifts though not yet enough. At least that’s progress. We ate a rather mediocre lunch in one of the many food courts in town before picking up some […]

Provisioning Day 2

Friday morning saw us heading back to town. This time the aim was to pick up things that needed to be taken back to the boat moderately quickly, ie. meats and dairy products. This we did and managed to pick up some cava from the extensive cava market on the floor above the fruit and […]

Busy Day

In the morning I went ashore leaving Helen aboard the boat to reverse some more entropy. My first stop was to check out the fuel dock. It was quite tucked away and shallow and I wanted to be sure we could make it in. After a discussion with the attendant we decided it would be […]


The alarm went off at 5:45am, 45 minutes before sunrise. It was dark, overcast and spotting with rain. The recent ‘cold’ snap had not moved on. We’d both had a patchy nights sleep but keen to reach Suva before sunset or, better still, 4pm when the customs office closed, we got up and got ready. […]