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Excellent Dives

This time the dive site was as ordered and was excellent. Great visibility. Lots of canyons and tunnels to swim through. Great sea life. I opted for a second dive which ended up being just me and the dive instructor. This was at a site called the Pinnacle and Wall. The water was a little […]

Not as ordered

For the morning I had booked a two tank dive with the operator here at the Nanuya Resort. At 8:30am I was picked up in the skiff and taken ashore to wait 15 minutes while they got sorted. It turned out to be a somewhat longer wait as some guests from the nearby Turtle Island […]

Nanuya Island Hike

Early in the morning we took the kayak ashore to see if we could go for a walk on the island. It turned out we could. The guys in the dive store gave us the directions for a trail that took us over the top of the island and down to a very pretty resort […]

The Blue Lagoon at The Blue Lagoon

Boat work in paradise has begun. Effort 1 was inspecting and topping up the batteries. All 36 of them. All 108 cells. Every battery needed some water and the drive batteries needed more than I was prepared to put in in one go. I’ll leave it for a couple of weeks of occasional charging to […]

The Blue Lagoon

We’re now up in the Blue Lagoon, famous for the movie of the same name which was filmed here and on Turtle island to our north east.

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The winds were not our friend on the way spending […]