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Likuri Island (Robinson Crusoe Island)

As soon as we could we paid the marina fees in Musket Cove and left the dock. The winds were light so we motored the entire way to Likuri Island using the headsail for a small boost. We had four lines out and hoped for a deep sea catch on the leg outside of the […]

Shore Day

Being on the dock allowed us all to stretch our legs. Brian and his family spent a lot of time at the resort pool which is available for marina guests. We all took advantage of the showers.

In the evening we used the BBQs at the bar to grill up sausages, burgers and chicken. Very […]

Musket Cove

By morning the swell at Navadra was pretty bad. As we were familiar with the reefs outside of Navadra we decided to leave earlier than normal and were off by just after 7am. We exited the bay pounding into the wind and surf. At one stage my speargun fell from it’s perch and made a […]


We gradually ran out of wind as we approached Navadra and were down to less than 6 knots by the time we’d passed Waya so we had to motor the last few miles. While we didn’t catch any fish we were rewarded with sightings of two pods of dolphins and the weather was fantastic.

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Fish and mantas?

The day started with a lobster feast for breakfast. We boiled all of them in a pot, the smallest first, eating the cooked ones while the next ones went in. We decided to leave the last and largest one for later as we were quite full.

We ended up with winds in the mid to […]