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Passage Pics

Here are a few pictures from our recent passage. Enjoy.

Final Fiji/Passage Tracks

Here are the tracks up until and including our passage down to New Zealand.

View 2011 Fiji3 in a larger map

View 2011 Fiji4 in a larger map

Fiji->NZ: Day 7

The wind did drop and we ended up motoring the last three hours into Marsden Cove Marina making a total of about 6 hours motoring for the whole trip. Not bad all things considered. After a splash of rain the skies cleared giving us a great view of the Whangarei Heads. The wind was cold […]

Fiji->NZ: Day 6

31nm to go to Marsden Cove. All is well aboard.

Here we are :

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Very, nearly there.

A fairly full last full day of sailing. The approaching squalls met us and gave us a good wash. Inside […]

Fiji->NZ: Day 5

172nm to go to Marsden Cove. All is well aboard.

Another t-shirt day? Only if you’re me and using a lot of will power to pretend it’s still warm. And only then standing in the sunshine when outside. It’s gone cold. Current dawn temp is 18C. This might be a warm day in NZ but […]