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Haven’t blogged for a few days as family time, while being meaningful to us, doesn’t provide a lot of material to write about. The most notable event was being without power for a day and a half which is now fixed.

Before we came here I was encouraged to provide a public talk about our […]

Local Entertainment

There is no ‘broadway’ in Grahamstown so we have to make do with the local entertainment. At 1pm we visited the town center cathedral where some local school boys from the choir were making their last ever performance. They seemed to enjoy themselves and had a good crowd of their peers along to watch and […]

Birthday / Thanksgiving

Thursday was my mother’s birthday and American Thanksgiving all at once. We all carry British passports and love turkey so given that Helen and I happen to have US passports as well it was a damn good excuse to lay on the bird for a birthday dinner.

For lunch Helen cooked up a good fry […]

Clean bill of health

Visit to the dentist went better than expected. Neither of us need any work done and the rebuild on Helen’s tooth performed in Fiji was declared sound and solid. No crown required. All good news.

After our dental appointment Helen and I had a little wander around Grahamstown before returning to my parents. In the […]

Legs stretched

After three flights with combined air time of around 18 hours (plus some for all the taxying around) we finally arrived in Port Elizabeth. My sister, Sue, greeted us at the airport. It was good to have the flights behind us. Our two items of luggage came out first and third sandwiching (in second place) […]