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Happy New Year

For some of our friends I know New Year is much closer than it is for us. For all of you reading our blog we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Despite battling the catch up of two years worth of seasonal colds and drizzly weather we’re having a nice time down here […]

From Xmas to Penzance

A quick summary of the last few days.

Christmas Day was relaxing and very filling – the evening feeling rather too bloated. We watched a couple of movies on TV including Singing in the Rain and something else not worth mentioning. I didn’t get the Scalextric set I was hoping for.

On Boxing Day (the […]

Merry Christmas

Festive greetings to all our readers.

Life continues to be full. On Friday, Helen’s sister, Betty, turned 60 and a party was in order. Relatives piled in and out all afternoon and evening. It was a great chance for us to catch up with everyone. Somehow we didn’t go to bed until 3am in the […]

First Contact

Wednesday was focused on catching up on affairs here in the Uk. Without going into too much detail the day involved visiting the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, signing on a new property manager and writing a nasty letter. We feel better as a bad situation is now on a positive trajectory although how much we can […]

Excess Latitude

Our brief stay at the Impangele B&B was a real pleasure. Our host Walter looked after us well cooking a great dinner in the evening accompanied by great wine from a fine selection. We spent the evening chatting and shared a second bottle finally polishing off some port on the house. In the morning he […]