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2nd Tuesday in the yard

Welding has been done. Spent a fair bit of time disconnecting the solar panels and bimini lighting cable and drawing them up the inside of the pole they run down leaving a sacrificial cable in their place. Didn’t want them damaged by the welding. Once the welding was done I had to reverse the process. […]

2nd Monday in the yard

It’s already been a week here in New Zealand. Time really flies. Apart from the first couple of days the weather has been pretty good. We’ve slowly adjusted to the new time zone and for the last 2-3 days have been waking with the dawn. That gives us a couple of hours to ourselves before […]

Sunday in the yard

We had very little breeze in the morning so we were able to complete the stainless steel testing. The results for the forward port support were also encouraging. Having tested the key areas we now need to run the pictures by a metallurgist for their expert opinion.

I managed to find someone in the yard […]

Saturday in the yard

In the morning we managed to test one of the forward bimini supports where it attaches to the roof. This is where we know another boat had a failure. As far as we can tell this test came out well. It was quite hard doing the test as we had to protect all the underside […]

Friday in the yard

So Dell didn’t get back to me. It seemed my original order had been deleted out of existence. I could find orders I made a year ago but not the one from yesterday. So I ordered another laptop for Sam. In doing so I noticed I put the wrong expiry date on my credit card. […]