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GPS Weirdness

We made our minds to head off to Whangaparapara. This was mainly up wind and hence required us to motor all the way. For the first section we were reasonably sheltered and had flat seas. Once we reached the open sea we had to head directly into the swell which made the ride quite bumpy.


Moaning and Groaning

We did a lot of that yesterday. Particularly if we hadn’t moved for a few minutes and then did so. Despite the pain in our muscles and joints we both agreed the cause, the previous day’s hike, was worth it.

Once moving the pain would go away so we did manage to get a couple […]

Mount Hobson

We had a big hike planned for Wednesday – the 621m ascent of Mount Hobson, the highest point on the island. After preparing lunch (copious egg sandwiches) and having our breakfast we took the dinghy ashore to Bush beach on the south side of the bay we’re anchored in.

Expecting a nice coastal walk […]

Just a nice day

Two appologies to begin with. First, the blog went out late. I wrote it early but it got stuck in my out box which we didn’t notice until late in the day. Second, on reading my blog again I may have misrepresented the size of Port Fitzroy. A reader might easily assume a number of […]

Out Here

We finally made it out here to Great Barrier Island which, quite coincidentally, is called Aotea in Maori – something we did not know at the start of day.

The start of day was actually characterized by a calm anchorage. The strong southwesterlies so apparent the previous day had disappeared. We hoped the winds were […]