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Departure Decisions

Sunday was our last full day in New Zealand. We brought the boat in early and fueled up. This took a few goes as the first time on the dock the fuel line wouldn’t reach either of our inlets. Second attempt we could reach our starboard inlet but not the port so we had to […]

New Zealand Tracks

Here are our tracks for this visit to New Zealand.

View NZ2011_12 in a larger map

Predeparture Passage

It couldn’t have gone much better. At 5:30am we left our slip and exited the marina beneath the raised footbridge. For the first hour the wind was light so we didn’t raise the sails until we were round North Head and west of Rangitoto. Leaving Auckland in the dark provided us with a fantastic last […]

All set

The weather forecasts keep coming up good for a Monday morning departure. We had a busy day doing last minute prep. We had a final, final, final visit to the supermarket for fresh food. We did an inventory on our grab/ditch bag finding only we needed to replace all the batteries – an annual activity […]

Departure thoughts

We’re now down to gobbling up the weather forecasts every six hours to help refine the departure decision. I have been favouring a Sunday departure for the last couple of days but that has now shifted towards a preferred Monday morning departure. Saturday now looks to be a feisty day to sail the boat up […]