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Night out with friends

It rained all morning. I rested while Helen cleaned the outside of the boat with the rain water.

In the afternoon Helen dropped off Sam so he could hang out with the kids from the nearby village. Later, we went ashore to meet up with the Jacksters, Inspiration Ladys and A Capallas who are all […]


In the morning we really didn’t do too much, just hung around, read, played, relaxed. After lunch we moved the boat into Savusavu so I could visit the doctor. We ended up anchoring at the head of the creek as all the moorings were taken up.

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Back to Lesiaceva Point

We left Dakuniba shortly after dawn and soon picked up some good winds allowing us to sail most of the way back to Lesiaceva Point.

We had one moment of excitement when we pick up a large fish that was very feisty. Unfortunately it fought it’s way off the hook and we lost it.

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Pools and Petroglyphs

Around 10am we went ashore again. This time it was a lot easier as it was close to high tide. We were able to take the dinghy right in and tie it to a buoy. From there we were able to wade ashore. We soon ran into Chris who’d hosted us the day before and, […]


We left Somosomo mid morning. The winds were quite strong where we were so we put a reef into the mainsail. Even then we headed off with the head sail out only. We soon encountered very variable winds which ended up down to nothing, all due to the effects of the heights of Tavenuni.

With […]