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A birthday to remember!

The waiting did not end.

On Tuesday after looking at the results of the spinal and brain MRI, the senior consultant did not feel convinced that it was MS. He said that the type of lesions/abnormalities seen in his brain were very unusual and rarely seen. There were elements of MS but more as […]

A good weekend

On Friday we got back Steve’s mid-body scan result. Everything looked very good. No nasty lymph nodes detected. Good news really although the doctors still couldn’t give us a sure answer to the cause.

Since nothing was happening over the weekend Steve begged to go home to Sarahs. The doctors agreed but made sure Steve […]

Monash Hospital

Steve was admitted into Monash Hospital through the Emergency department. He is now settled comfortably in the Neurology ward and under the care of an excellent team of neurologists. Over the past two days he has had many many blood tests, a lumbar puncture, another MRI and other investigative procedures. Physically he is in very […]


Steve had the MRI this afternoon. Early this evening our ophthalmologist rung up to say they did find abnormal activities in Steve’s brain. He has arranged for Steve to see the neurologist at Monash University hospital early tomorrow morning. He suspect Vascuailitus or Lymphoma but the neurologist will have a better idea exactly what it […]


The result of CT scan was normal with no noticeable lumps or bump in Steve’s brain. Really good news there. The doctor then immediately made an appointment with an ophthalmologist who was able to see Steve straight away. After a full examination, consultation and reexamination by another ophthalmologist for a second opinion, they both agreed […]