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Steve was allowed home yesterday earlier than we expected. He is coping so well with the treatment. We are now cosied in our little garden flat. Cousin Sarah and Russ have added more things to make our stay even more comfortable and pleasant. They are amazing! Our friends Janine and Brian have lent us their […]


Steve has completed his first course of chemotherapy and sail through it. Since he has cerebral lymphoma they had to give him a strong concoction to penetrate his brain. He coped brilliantly. No nausea and no apparent side effects so far. Physically he’s doing really well. We are hoping he will be able to come […]

The waiting is over.

The waiting is over. We finally got the result. It is lymphoma. What we had expected and been prepared for by the doctors, but still… it was hard to take in. Our doctors have advised us to stay here in Melbourne for the first stage of chemotherapy which will start next week and take around […]

Medical Update from Steve

Things haven’t been too good recently. I have spent the last two weeks in Monash hospital having many tests performed to figure out whats up with me. Even after a brain biopsy things still aren’t entirely clear. The current thinking is that I may have lymphoma. Not good at all. We press on though and […]

Initial report

Dare I say it – yes we are still waiting!

We did get some preliminary report of the biopsy. The senior consultant of Infectious Disease came to see Steve. He said it was good to finally meet the person they’ve had so many discussions about. He reamed out a long list of test they […]