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Dignity Dismasted

Sam, Peter and Dignity have arrived safely in Brisbane, Australia after a major incident out at sea. In our previous blog, I wrote that Dignity left Fiji on Monday 13th August and was making good progress to Australia. On Thursday 16th August, Christina, Peters wife contacted me to let us know that Dignity had dismasted […]

Dignity on the move

Dignity is finally on her way to Australia. Peter and Sam, checked out of Fiji Monday morning as a fine weather window opened up for them.

We are getting daily updates from Christina, Peter’s wife, who is in regular contact with them over the SSB radio. She is checking their position and condition and […]

Second round

Steve completed his second round of chemotherapy and once again coped very well. Each round consists of about five days stay in hospital. The first day is prep, second day the chemotherapy and the following days flushing out the chemo from his system. He is on two drips when having the treatment and one when […]