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Dancing in the Rain

We’ve been getting a bit more exercise recently. All along Helen has been cajouling, encouraging, forcing me to get out and walk most days. Even when I was in hospital we would go for walks through the corridors with my drip. Those days I had no motivation and needed Helen’s encouragement to do anything.

Now […]

Staying In Touch

It must be impossible for any reader of this blog to miss the fact that a big part of cruising are the fellow cruisers you meet. I, like many others, read other blogs prior to setting off as part of my research so I knew this would happen but didn’t fully appreciate how different this […]

A Poll

I’m often very surprised to see how many people continue to read my blog. The original intention of this blog was to record our sailing travels for ourselves, our family and friends. I have since learned that many others have been following our blog and this is great.

However, the challenges of 2012 have resulted […]

St Kilda

On Saturday Helen and I drove over to St Kilda, a Melbourne district by the sea, to meet and have lunch with Helen, a friend/ex-colleague of my Helen’s from when she worked in New Jersey, USA. We met at the Rococo Italian Restaurant. The two Helens caught up on their time since we parted. We […]

This Is Very Special

Big thanks to blog reader Gordon Ross (who arranged this) and the members of the band who sent us their wishes. Yesterday we received in the post a signed copy of the new Deacon Blue album, The Hipsters. The new music is in classic form, very reminiscent of what I remember of them. Brilliant to […]