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Peter on Troutbridge has arrived safe and well.


After a gentle morning rise we had a light breakfast, last chats with Ella and a last, for now, conjunction with Bao. The drive back down to Brisbane was fairly easy but we took turns as we were both quite tired.

Back on the boat we both got back to work. Helen focused on […]

Grandparenting with Ella & Bao

We’ve had a brilliant couple of days. Tuesday started off a bit busy. Around 7am the shipwright came round to inspect our stern light for a job we wanted done. He also took a look at some other issues to provide a quote for some work related to our ongoing conversation with a broker. Shortly […]

Thanksgiving Weekend

Friday ended up a bit of a chore day. A lot of communications were required with the broker involved with the recent near sale. I am not yet ready to share the nature of these conversations as a little more time is needed to determine if it’s good or bad.

Friday evening we were joined […]

Very Quickly

Peter is ok. See Miracles Do Happen.

Weekend has been too good to have time to blog. But here are the pics for now.