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One day to go

I’ve set a reminder to write a blog every three days because my old habit of writing one once a day just isn’t going to work for the foreseeable future.

I’ve been getting a bit tired and grumpy and have not been sleeping too well. Lot’s on my mind but the main thing is a […]

It’s good to talk

Helen and I had a long chat yesterday. We’ve been through so much and have so much more ahead of us that we’ve both been emotionally affected and it’s had an adverse affect on how we’ve been treating each other. Getting our feelings out was really helpful as we both needed to understand the other […]

Three Things

There’s three things I really want to announce. But I shouldn’t just yet. So I won’t.

And that’s not fair is it? It’s like saying I have a secret and not telling anyone. So I’ll give one away.

My hair’s regrowing. On my head and on this ridiculous bald stripe down my chest from the […]

Enemy Contact

Since the last update we’ve been spending more time with my parents helping out with a lot of the little tasks that come with moving into a new home. We’ve also been out with my sisters family a couple of times to restaurants and local functions.

In between times I’ve been spending a lot of […]


Just added photos of our last day in Hong Kong and Durban. Head on back in time to see them.