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A busy week

Tuesday and Wednesday were stay at home days playing catch with all the stuff we let overtake us during our ‘Bao’ period. This included my obeying Helen’s demands (actually, she’s doing most of the work) to do some ‘minor’ kitchen remodeling in the flat.

We continue to run into ‘having been away for years’ issues. […]

Day Trip to London

Monday was a big day. We had a day trip to London where we had three very different rendezvous.

We took the underground line into central London playing catch up on the use of things like ‘Oyster’ cards to simplify and reduce the cost of travel. We keep running into things which everyone has been […]

We hope to see you soon Bao

We’ve just said goodbye to Bao. Very sad really but we hope the eddies and currents of life will bring us all back together sometime soon. We’ll see. Since the last blog, we’ve been to London a couple of times and had Bao over for a couple of nights. For now, a few pics of […]

Building Our Temporary Home

A few more things have been ordered and delivered to make life comfortable here in our flat. We now have a washing machine, TV and PVR (so we don’t get locked into a timetable). Some smaller items (like drying stands, bathroom cabinets, etc.) are also in and installed. In amongst all this we’ve had the […]

Back in the UK

Our flight from Cape Town was delayed a couple of hours which was a good thing really as those two hours were taken away from the five hours we had schedule to wait in the Doha departure lounge between planes. We arrived more or less on time to the usual delight of the queues at […]