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Life’s Ups and Downs

Sometimes we have patches in our lives where ever thing seems so go right. We’ve had our share, perhaps more than our fair share, but I think we made the best of them. For the flip side of this are the patches were luck is not on your side. We seem to be going through […]

A Couple of Trips Out

On Saturday we had a house viewing in Chesham. Originally we had wanted to see a different house but the estate agent persuaded Helen to add this one as it was on the same street we use to live when we were in Chesham. This had all been set up for Thursday but […]


Another trip into London, another consultant and another problem. This time, it looks like the ulcer on the side of my face is Leishmaniasis. This was the doctors preliminary diagnosis following visual examination. It needs to be verified by biopsy. Fortunately we both had time to do this so I was soon on the bed […]

Two Hours in the Tube

Yesterday, Helen dropped me off at Amersham station and I took the train into Marylebone, mistakenly thinking that the Marylebone address of the imaging center meant it would be nearby. It turned out to be about a mile’s walk on the other side of Marylebone.

I still managed to arrive early where I was immediately […]

A Tale of Two Doctors

On Monday, I saw my GP principally to talk to him about my recent knee X-Rays. Turns out I have some early thinning of the cartilage – something to watch. I also complained about the lack of contact from any physio for my shoulder and asked to start the process again, this time with my […]