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Latest Update

The bad ….

I’ve had a bit of a crap time. I’ve had headaches, compacted lower bowel, lots of laxatives and suppositories, low blood pressure, almost continuous drip for more fluid, weird coloured urine (looks a bit like real ale). The list goes on. It can grind you down if you let it. I’ve had […]

Busy time

Healthwise I’m a bit on a roller coaster. My white cell count is now down to zero and we’re having to be very careful. I even have a box of masks if I leave my room.

I’ve also seen some falling blood pressure and have had two sets of infusions for platelets and blood. Apparently […]

Offer ….

…. Accepted.

Say no more. (For now)


This is so boring. And there is no end in sight yet. I have learned I can go home when by cell counts start rising into the safe zone. They haven’t finished crashing yet. I am officially nutropenic now which means I am restricted in what I can eat and I really have to be […]

See you in August

Of course, the biggest, recent event has been the visit from New York by Ben and Amy who have been over here for a long weekend. They have spent much of their time just in the hospital room with us in typical family mode – reading, tinkering, random chatting, not a lot. Family time sometimes […]