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Memory Loss

Steve had a seizure/fit last Sunday at home. I called emergency and he was taken by ambulance to Stoke Mandeville our local A&E hospital. He stabilized quickly but was left confused and appeared to have no memory of recent events. Stoke Mandeville hospital kept him overnight and then transfer him back to University College Hospital […]

I’m Home

And happy with it. The place looks enormous after my hospital room. The new TV has exceeded our expectations and we haven’t tried everything out yet nor ran it with decent internet connectivity (which will have to wait). We did blow up the XBox power supply owing to it only running on 110V-120V. £10 dropped […]

All Roads Point Home

Everything is now geared for my return home late afternoon. The drug schedule is running another 30 mins early so we could be away by 5pm. We have had a vaste bag of drugs given to take at home and walked through their application. The staff here are all excited I’m going home and pleased […]

Frustration -> JOY

In the space of the last hour or so there has been much news. Much of it from a very long chat with the Prof.

I can be moved to oral treatment for my fungal infection but this requires a three day overlap with the daily intravenous. That means I get to GO HOME SATURDAY […]

Some Frustration, Some Joy, Some History

Frustrations :

I’m not going home today. An infection disease doctor is supposed to visit sometime to work how to get me off intravenous drugs each day. Also docs may have overlooked planned chemo treatment for my liver (HLH) syndrome which I’m on right now. Liver functions are really solid from the daily blood tests […]