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Work Complete & Seven Sisters

Scott has finished the work aboard Dignity. In performing the upgrade he discovered some arcing on the 72V cables and to be on the safe side replaced the area where the heat had built up. This involved several trips to local stores to hire and pick up gear. Friday was supposed to be Scott’s day off and we had ordered a guide to take us around the island from 11am. Instead, we used him from 11 to 1 for running around. In the end Scott completed the work and were able to set off on our shortened trip around 2pm. All this work has been courtesy of CatCo/Lagoon so we are very grateful for their care and attention and, in particular, Scott’s diligence. This would have saved us a bigger problem later so this is all good.

Our shortened tour took us to the seven sisters which is a series of waterfalls in the interior of the island where the land is more rainforest than the dryness of the coast. Getting to the falls requires a 30-40 minute hike. Fortunately it had been quite dry recently so the path wasn’t muddy. When we arrived at the falls only the last two falls were visible. We were presented with a choice to either stay at the two falls/pools or to hike on further to the top of the seven falls. We were told that we could follow the falls down but if we did, we would have to make the final jump over the penultimate falls. It looked high but doable so Helen and I decided to do this and leave Scott to swim.

It took another 15 mins to climb the path to the top of the seven falls. Getting down the series of falls did turn out to be quite tricky. We had to find paths down rocks, scramble down fallen logs and make our way down a slippery slide. When we arrived at the jump we discovered the water below was about 10ft deep and the drop, at about 12m seemed just too high to feel anywhere near safe. So we decided to go back up the river and series of falls which were told could not be done. We made it by helping each other. Without mutual aid it would have been impossible. It was all worth doing as we got to see some fantastic places and had a lot of fun scrambling around.

Our guide for the day, Mike, was terrific. He hung around even though we turned up late and was happy to accommodate our shifting schedule. He also was a good source of information on the island as we toured around.

Back on the boat we had pizza ashore while running final tests on Dignity. Everything checked out fine.

This morning we dropped Scott ashore and said goodbye to Anne. They’re sharing the taxi to the airport as they’re on the same flight. We’re feeling pretty exhausted this morning and ideally we’d have a quiet day. However, we need to do some semi-serious food shopping and this afternoon it is the bi-weekly Grenada Hash which we want to do. Tomorrow we’ll head round to Hogg Island for the Sunday beach BBQ. That’ll be relaxing for sure.

Quick recap on recent fixes. The water maker is running fine after replacing the salinity probe. The pure sine wave inverter has worked wonders for our internet connection. We’ve not had any of the annoying drops and much less interference on VHF ch 68. The internal wireless is working great too with the new wireless hub.

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