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Boat Checks

So far most things are going smoothly. None of the boat checks have revealed anything to fix or do. All the batteries are showing good voltages and fluid levels which surprised me given the motoring we have done in the last couple of months. The only thing that is looking to cause us a headache is the replacement shower sump pump we ordered. It was due to arrive today but it’s currently stuck in the capital San Jose with an invalid address exception. I have got onto the company we ordered it from to try and resolve but who knows what will happen with this.

We extended the hire car for a 7th day. We get 7 days for the price of 6 and the only extra we have to pay is for insurance. That took the pressure off yesterday and allowed us to relax a little, particularly during the heat of day which leaves us sweating profusely. I took two trips into town to sort a few things out including filling our used propane tank. That will take two days for collection which we can pickup at 9am tomorrow morning. This is the time we want to be refuelling then leaving to catch the high tide out of here. We have some leeway on this but this will be interesting. May be all academic if we can’t resolve the Fedex issue today.

We ended the day having a delicious Chinese meal in town.

Today I expect to do the runs to clear out. I wish I didn’t have the uncertainty about the part as this is the last day we’ll have the car and the customs and immigration offices are 12 miles away. It’ll be a pain if this doesn’t work out.

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