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Whangarei – first visit

We had a good Sunday evening as we had curry with company. This time it was Steve from Curious along with his climbing companion, Terrier (sic). They had planned a helicopter drop off in the South Island but had to abandon this due to an infection Steve picked up before he sailed down from Fiji and developed nastily on the way down. He ended up over a week in hospital and is still on crutches.

Today we drove down to Whangarei. Before heading down I dropped into Catermarine to learn that out charger had arrived. It was too big to lug to Whangarei and back so we left it there.

In Whangarei we first filled our propane tanks. Most places here won’t fill without having tanks first certified and then won’t touch fiberglass tanks. This place filled both ours without question.

Next I visited a couple of stores that might have stocked the float switch I need to fix the broken one in our shower drain. The first place was out of stock and the second didn’t carry them. At least we know the first place will have them some time so we’ll go back sometime.

Next was the the Post Office and the Insurance office to sort out paperwork on the car which went by without too many hitches (ie my leaving my driving license in the PO).

Next we met up with the Sea Misters for lunch at the wharf. Due to mistakes made by the server we ended up with an extra pizza and some free drinks. Not bad. And it tasted great so we’ll be back one day.

In the afternoon we shopped for a bunch of stuff including walking boots, sleeping bags, sheets, pillows and other stuff (I think some of this was in the morning but I’m losing track already).

We didn’t get back to Opua until after Catermarine closed so we were unable to pick up our charger. That will have to wait until the morning.

The drive there an back was a lot of fun. New Zealand countryside continues to inspire. The only downer was the possibility I was caught on a police radar in a tricky spot where signage was particularly unclear. I’ve heard tickets are mailed so it will be a while before I know if we were tagged. I may even have been under the limit but have no idea.

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