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NZ->Fiji: Day 5

A very typical mid passage day. Hard to distinguish it from any other. We did catch another mahi mahi, slightly bigger than the last. Some of it went on evening sashemi which went down well with the boys. Helen, unfortunately, is not so keen on raw fish.

It’s definitely getting warmer with the last two days each breaking previous records. When we started our min/max was 14/20. The last 24 hours it was 23/24. Nice. It still feels cold when we’re outside and wet though.

Blog today has been a little delayed as we’ve been dodging squalls all morning. It’s been quite hard work. We had VHF contact with another boat, Kite, also on their way to Savusavu. They’re on their way to Australia this year too so I suspect we’ll be seeing more of them. Certainly we expect to see them in Savusavu for a beer or four.

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