Aboard Dignity

Cruising Connections

The following is a list of some of the cruisers we have met along our way.  Sorry if you're not on the list.  Let me know if it matters.

Who Boat (click for boat blog) Where (click for our blog)
Ed & Cornelia Gould A Cappella our blog
Devi & Hunter Arctic Tern our blog
Dennis & Allayne Coon Audrey Paige our blog
Jamie & Lucy Telfer Bamboozle our blog
Anne and Jim Bees Knees our blog
Robert & Trish Bristol Rose our blog
Mike & Ann Last Callisto our blog
Laurie & Dawn Corbett Cat Tales our blog
Steve & Trish Curious our blog
Brian, Brady & Erin Delos our blog
Brian & JoDon Rawls El Regalo our blog
Tim, Kim & Emily Emily Grace our blog
Alan & Anne Dunlop Freya of Clyde our blog
TL & Harriet Linsky Hands Across the Sea our blog
Judith, Jim & Charlotte King Heatwave our blog
Jennifer & Jon Glaudemans Ile de Grace our blog
Peter & Penny Faulkner Innforapenny II our blog
David & Jacqui Pemberton Jackster our blog
Ruth & Tim Kamaya our blog
Mary Margaret & David Leu Leu Cat our blog
Marcia & Keith Kjeldsensin Mimi our blog
Bonnie and Brian Goldstone Radio Flyer our blog
John, Sherryl & Ian Sea Mist our blog
Britt Solomon & Teri Jones Sea Otter our blog
Tom McMaster & Rose Hansmeyer Sojourn our blog
Louis Honeycutt Jr & Julie Routledge Sympatica our blog
Frank & Karen Taylor Tahina our blog
Sue and Tony Dyer Tradewinds of Emsworth our blog
Chris & Chris Sea Squared
Bill & Johanna Strassberg Visions of Johanna our blog
Matt & Karen Donovan Where II our blog
Ziggie & John MacKenzie Windancer IV our blog
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Follow links to connections' websites and own blog references.