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Day 7 – Norman Island – Part II

We all headed off to Pirates for dinner. Appetizers was a round of Painkillers. Do we sound like a stuck record? We had a perfect seat facing the bay which we put down to an early booking. The food was good and I seem to remember ordering another round of appetizers.

After dinner we went back to the boat to share a bottle of wine and stargaze. The sky was magnificent.

Anne and John were a little tired so they left Helen and I to head off to Willy T’s to join the crowd. Upon arrival we found Bonnie and Brian, the owners of Radio Flyer, sitting in the very same bar seats we found them in when we last went to Willy T’s. (Note – they have repeatedly since claimed they don’t go to Willy T’s that often). They’re a fascinating couple. They live half the time in Canada and half the time on their boat in the BVIs. He spent 22 years in the Canadian Mounties and since moved onto other projects. They spent many years in Costa Rica helping build a new hotel. Their story in Costa Rica is reminiscent of “Don’t Stop the Carnival” by Herman Wauk. Only on a bigger scale. He is now writing a book about the experience which I’m looking forward to reading. We spent most of the evening chatting with Brian and Bonnie and vowed to stay in touch.

Day 20 – Peter Island, Willy T’s

We decided to go to Willy T’s a day early and spend our final night in Marina Cay so there is no rush Saturday morning. We sailed from Cane Garden Bay to the south side of Norman Island. This involved going out into the unprotected seas which we first did back in the USVIs – a long time ago it seems. We didn’t like the look of or the approach to the beach we were heading for so we skipped it and headed to White Bay on Peter Island. This trip blew our previous record out to 30 miles for a single trip. All accomplished in under 4 hours. We ate lunch here, snorkeled and walked the beach. On the way back to the boat there was some interesting sea life to observe. There was a large barracuda skulking beneath the boat – John saw two more nearby. I saw the biggest Eagle Ray I have ever seen. There was also a battalion of squid hanging out nearby. Around 4 we motored round to The Bight in Norman Island. Checking in with Willy T’s we discovered they were only taking cash that evening. We therefore went to Pirates on the other side of the bay for cocktails and appetizers. We then dinghied back to Willy T’s where we had main course, more drinks and dancing. Don’t know how it worked out but we didn’t quite run out of cash.

While aboard Willy T’s we met Bonnie and Brian from Radio Flyer. An interesting couple.  Hope to meet them again sometime.

Ben lost $25 over board of which he was able to rescue the $20 by diving in. He also lost a tee-shirt which he could not recover. We have planned a search and recovery mission in the morning for the missing tee-shirt and possibly even the $5.