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Day 3 – The Baths and North Sound

We got up with the sun this morning so we could get to The Baths in good time. We reached The sailing was awesome. We were achieving 8-9 knots while regenerating 10A (at 72V) per motor in about 20 knots of wind. I am in love with this boat. It’s not the fastest one around but she shifts in the wind.

We did the usual crawl through the rocks at The Baths then climbed up to “The Top of The Baths” a restaurant with the most awesome views. There we had a late breakfast which was simply delicious. It’s easy to think it doesn’t get better.
We decided not to snorkel around The Baths as we’d all done that before and preferred to wait til later when we could snorkel Eustatia Reef. We therefore sailed all the way to North Sound and eventually moored off of Saba Rock. Again – awesome sailing in 20knots of wind.
Soon after mooring Tony, who we’d met the previous day, met us at the boat in order to show us where to go on Eustatia Reef for the best snorkeling. We sorted ourselves out and spread ourselves across the two dinghys. With the wight balanced we were both able to race out to the reef planing over the water. The reef was a great location to snorkel with plenty of fish, challenging swell with some interesting objects to spot : we saw a large anchor and an old canon. Makes one think of past times in the Caribbean and how different it all was.Today I conducted a very successful test of my wifi antenna achieving a signal significantly better than ever achieved before with my Belkin antenna. What’s more, I was using my omni antenna which meant the boats motion had no affect. We were moored 1,200 feet off of Saba Rock and I was able to video Skype my parents with no problem.We were due to eat with Tony and his wife Sue but unfortunately Sue hadn’t been feeling too well so she was resting. Tony came over to Dignity at 6pm which we had arranged earlier and we shared a couple of beers.We then had dinner at Saba rock. We all chose the “All You Can Eat” buffet. Good deal for them as our appetites were subdued.

After dinner we dinghied over to the Bitter End Yacht Club to catch the end their live music and have a bit of a dance.Another great day.

Day 3 Google Earth Track

Day 2 – Scuba & Happy Arr

Monday morning saw Anne, John and I (Steve) going off scuba diving with Paradise Watersports out of Peter Island. Helen dropped us off in the dinghy and got some good practice with it getting back to Dignity. The two dives we did were called Angel Fish and Pelican (something) both either just off or close to Norman Island. Both were coral dives. The highlight was seeing a seahorse which is very rare in the area.

After our dives we quickly ate lunch then headed off to Cooper Island for the evening. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the moorings at Cooper Island were all taken and we couldn’t find anywhere to anchor. So we went over to Marina Cay and found that all taken so we went around the corner to Cam Bay where we’ve been before and anchored for the night.John and I took the Dinghy back to Marina Cay to make dinner reservations. We decided to take a look at the bar and found that cheap drinks were only there for another 5 minutes so we figured we should get two each. Then live music started which a guitar playing chap who was very entertaining. Having glugged our beers we went back to fetch Anne and Helen before the live music finished. We found time to polish off a bottle of wine on the boat.

Back at the “Happy Arr Bar” we were able to see the last 30 mins. We met up with a couple of cruisers, Tony and Sue, whom we got to chatting. We found be were both heading to North Sound the next day so we agreed to meet up for dinner at Saba Rock.
Dinner was delicious. We had a seat by the balcony overlooking the sea. Perfect.

Dinghying back and fro from the boat gave us wet bums. Who cares.

Day 2 Google Earth Track