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Barbuda Pics

We got internet. That means you get pics.

Climbing back to civilization

We’re about 3 hours out of Barbuda with 2 hours left to sail. Our destination is Dickinson Bay which is a bit of a touristy spot. We’re supposed to be able to get fresh veg here which will be nice. After Barbuda this will all be culture shock.


This morning the kids went ashore to take a look at the east coast around Spanish Point. The landscape is very rugged there with pounding seas crashing against ancient volcanic rock. As soon as they had dinghied back we motored around to the west side of Cocoa Point. It was only two miles but the challenge was avoid the coral. We had both John and Helen as lookout on each bow.

One thing I don’t mention enough is how well Helen is looking after all of us. Recently she has been trying out different ways to make bread. All very delicious. Today she made pizza base upon which she put pizza topping. Simply heaven. After lunch Helen and I tried out the Hookah but it was a bit disappointing as visibility was terrible.

All of us bar Helen have played on the beach. I don’t recall sand as perfect as this. It is utterly clean, no trash, and has the most amazing building qualities I have seen – almost like instant cement but at the same time powdery sand. It makes building beach constructions very easy and fun. I certainly enjoyed being a kid for a while. Tomorrow we may head further west to the 11 mile beach that runs north from Palmetto point. It’s utterly deserted. Met a Norwegian yesterday who said his family had had it to themselves for three days.


Helen says the sea around us is turquoise. It’s important to get this right.


We were all up at 6am this morning for final boat prep for a 7am departure to Barbuda. Given the forecasts we decided to prepare the Code Zero for a nice beam reach. Well – we ended up with a lot of lessons learned going all the way back to how we stowed the sail last use. In the end we had to abandon the attempt and pack it away so we can unfurl it and sort it out when we have calm conditions. So we ended up sailing merrily using the regular headsail. Our needlework held up. We used the radar to navigate around a squall saving us from reefing the sails and getting wet. We anchored off Barbuda shortly after midday in an idyllic setting – a bay with blue water and corals around. Now it’s time to settle down and do very little very hard.

… later …

We’ve all been snorkeling on the best reefs so far this trip. By a long shot. Helen and I have been for a walk along the beach. More doing very little to do next.