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Reedit of BVI Montage

9 weeks to go – gotta do something. So I’ve reedited the video montage of our last trip, added a couple of extra clips and put on a soundtrack.


YouTube Preview Image

Another video from BVIs

Been playing around with plugins for WordPress. One makes inserting video into posts a lot simpler. Here is a montage which I don’t think I posted before.

YouTube Preview Image

I have also categorised each post that contains a video link (with the category Video) to facilitate quick location of all video content.

Google Tracks and Pictures

Here is a Google Earth track of our trip. You may need to zoom in a bit to see it.

And here are our pictures – three albums, one for each week.

June 22nd to
June 29th
June 30th to
July 6th
July 7th to
July 14th

Next trip to BVIs

Dignity is still heading west. She should be in the BVIs by the end of the month. Nothing to stop her now.

We have booked the week of Presidents Day in Feb next year to come down and see Dignity. I have a hunch she’ll have arrived by then.

Day 22 – Going Home

Our flights aren’t until this afternoon so it’s a slow day of packing and getting rid of unwanted consumables. At the beginning of our trip we were given leftovers from other charterers. We will hand on what we have left. In total, we have cover 320 miles in Gato Chateau this trip. I have all the GPS tracks except for a section day 1 when the GPA switched itself off. I will be posting the tracks when I can get round to processing them (not today I think).

… later …

Home. Back home that usual feeling of never having been away creeps in. Some things feel different. Rooms feel a little bigger. The shower is intense. Time to sleep.